Having vision about how we look during any given time of the day is very important. However, finding a mirror that we feel represents us fairly is tough work. This bespoke, custom-made mirror makes it ever so simple for you to get a much more balanced view of how you look on a day-to-day basis.
This is a must-have solution for anyone who would like to really appreciate the art and the simplicity of their look on a daily basis. This Hollywood mirror is made entirely to fit to size, giving you a range of options to pick from. Whether you like the classic light color option, or you would like something a touch more muted with the cool, white and warm lighting, you can easily choose the kind of lighting that you wish.
Sometimes, part of getting that right look stems from trying to get enough lighting in the room. Remove that stress today with this comprehensive source of both visibility and lighting.
• With the help of the light and dim functions on this mirror, you can easily adjust the lighting in the room to help you get a perfect view of how you look.
• Top quality designs are one thing, but this is a mirror that is easy to utilize, too. It arrives ready to hang, making sure you can easily get it up on the wall in an instant.
• Comes with a 3-pin UK plug for easy usage too.
• Want to adjust the size of the mirror? Then contact us today. This mirror is custom made to the size that you need; let us know what size you require, and we will do just that.

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